Sometimes I make believe
this soil belongs to me
but I wash it all back
Trapped in the foreign
My cold skin was warming
but that’s not enough reason to stay

I’m never lost
I just lust for the world
But I know the world
won’t shrink for me
There’s no country I love more
than the one I leave

Song Credits:
Written By:  Jonah Mutono
Produced By: Jonah Mutono
Engineered By: Jonah Mutono
Recorded at: Wanale Road (Mbale, Uganda)
Mixed by: Dan Parry at The Power House (London, England)
Mastered By: Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios (London, England)
Publisher: Jonah Mutono (ASCAP)
Timing: 1:00
Electric Piano: Jonah Mutono