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Your hometown is like your third parent. “Where are you from?” is usually question no. 2 in basic small-talk form, and most people have their answers locked and load — as they should. Places bury you, from the culture to the music, to the attitudes, it’s safe and warm down there. I was buried once, neck deep in England soil, for about 3 minutes — it made me understand why people erect flagpoles in their lawns, and punch strangers after sports. The very moment I loved it, was the moment I had to unceremoniously leave. This was July 2013. 

Uganda is unfairly gorgeous and I was probably very melodramatic about the transition. I thought, maybe, if I super-imposed my new world onto my old one, it would make it easier to settle in. This music is my sonic interpretation, and if you study the artwork (made by the master Bill Sullivan), you’ll find monuments of colonised Africa proudly mangling London streets. 

2014, after a good stroke of fortune, I flew the 30 hours to New York. on arrival, I promised myself I would only have to survive until this collection was out exactly as I envisioned it. I overstayed on my new friend’s couches and ate off their plates — if the UK couldn’t be my life, then this would have to do. Things really do go around full circle — as of April 10 (and 7 visa applications later), I’m back in the UK, and what a magnificent way to close this chapter. There aren’t words for how this feels, this is my Reunion and if this music means anything to you, then that makes it 1000x better.


NB I have an ancient attitude towards social media, so if you’re curious and actually want to reach me you can call/text me at +1 (202) 6-JONAH-9 (it was funny at Uni).

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USA Dan, Henny, Ramya, Jordan, Kazz, Gillian, Noah, Markus, Bill, David/Den-Z, Albert Clark Carlson III, Mike, Zach(ary), Max, Jon, Buddy, Devona, Peewee, Jillian, Matt Sweeney, Uncle Scott & Aunt Jennifer, Sophia, Seth
UK Scott, Seb (GY), Seb (WWFS), James, Dan Vickers (for breaking your phone), Sophia McC (drums on Reds), Pete Doug, Abby, Chanelle
UG Bryce, Rachel, Nathan, Lloyd, Moses, Ibarah, Lydia, Babies, Parents, the Lord.

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